Candice (Maternity Photo Shoot)

maternity photo shoot maternity photo shoot Candice (Maternity Photo Shoot) Candic
Candice, Maternity Photo Shoot

I had a bad experience with my wedding photographer, leading to my misguided impression that photographers work only with their DSLR camera. I was hesitant to engage a photographer for a pregnancy photo shoot, but since I did not have one with my first child, I decided to have a maternity photo shoot for this second pregnancy.

So I checked out a few companies. Most do not return the soft copies or charge you an arm and a leg for them while others did not even respond to my queries about purchasing additional photos. Then I saw JJ’s website. What drew my attention was that he returns clients all their soft copies of their photo session so I decided to email him. He responded pretty fast, calling back personally and explaining that everything will take place at the convenience of my home. He also answered all my enquiries patiently.

On the actual day itself, we scheduled our photo shoot at 4 pm. I was late, but he waited patiently at my doorstep. (more…)

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Reflections on Novena Church

novena church Reflections on Novena Church Novena

A large part of my growing up years was spent at Novena Church, (officially known as Church of St Alphonsus), that iconic church at Thomson Road. I started making weekly visits when I was 7, when my father took me along for the Saturday novena sessions. Five years on, I joined its youth group, Vine & Branches, together with my older sister.

That was decades ago. Since then, the religious fraternity and church members have become very much a part of my life, an extended family of sorts. It’s where I formed some of my best friendships and made some of my best memories; it’s where I seek solace, hang out, help out, attend services, particularly at my favourite times of the year like Christmas, Easter and New Year.


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