Paul Branson (Family Session)

Paul Branson (Family Session) Paul Branson1
Paul Branson, Family Session

I’ll start by saying thank you again for a wonderful photoshoot – one of the highlights of my wife’s 40th birthday celebration which we spent in Singapore that is also our first holiday as a family.

In fact, you had managed to put us at ease even before we met as you had shown your flexibility and readiness to be as accommodating as possible when there had been some difficulty with arranging the transfer of the deposit. In these increasingly mistrustful times I certainly appreciated your trust and flexibility.

When you first turned up at our hotel door, we were surprised to see quite how much equipment you’d brought with you. In fact, I thought the Hotel reception had maybe got confused (more…)

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The Loss of a Good Friend

The Loss of a Good Friend 004 e1431846990363
The Farmers


We have just lost a good friend. Simon Farmer swept into our lives years ago one Sunday morning at Novena Church. We were late, as usual, and were scurrying to our customary spot on the left veranda when we saw a lady sitting on the floor surrounded by children. It was like a scene out of “The Sound of Music” movie. The lady was Mandie, Simon’s wife, with their kids, as well as our friends’ children.

So our circle of friends grew larger, as did the numbers for Sunday brunch, parties and get-togethers. Through all the celebrations, there is always that bright spark – Simon with his silly jokes and boisterous laughter. Simply said, he is a happy person. So joyful with life, spreading that happiness to whoever he’s with. He is clearly besotted with his wife, and dotes on his children, Anthony, Alicia and Elsa. A very loving family man indeed. Simon is obviously very successful in his work, but you’ve never guessed it from his humble and self-effacing demeanour.

A few years on, (more…)

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Aichi Chong (Family Photography Session)

Family Photography  Aichi Chong  (Family Photography Session) 222 e1431846051244
Aichi Chong, Family Photography Session

The most attractive factor that got us to engage JJ’s photography services was his home photography service. With a family of 3 generations (16 adults and kids), convenience was a BIG plus.

The entire photography session was simply FUN. JJ blended competence and professionalism with humour. He made us laugh throughout the photo shoot ; even the kids found him rather amusing. We especially enjoyed his tactic in using lighthearted mockery to make us smile more naturally! 🙂

One of the highlights of the evening was when JJ brought out his props of hats and fun spectacles. (more…)

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Peter Leong (Baby Session)

baby photography Peter Leong (Baby Session) Peter 1 e1431847741984We had a Baby Photography Session with JJ and it was a wonderful experience. He is a very friendly and knowledgeable guy and the best part, he is willing to share his photography knowledge.

Being a leisure photographer myself, I was amazed when JJ took time to explain to me how to take better photos and shared his experience. I actually changed my photography technique after my time with him. He also recommended some very useful photography tools to help improve my skills.


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Take lots of photos !!!!


Take Photos photos Take lots of photos !!!! toungout e1431847895111

Take Photos. Just snap away. You’d want to be trigger happy with your camera, to snap those precious moments in your life. Of yourself. As a couple. With family and friends. As you await the arrival of your child, in all your maternity glow. As that child grows. Just capturing those snippets of time, cos how much can one remember, without aids like photos and keepsakes.

All too often, we are so caught up with our daily lives, madly scrambling to do what we feel we need to do each day, we fail to take time to enjoy the moment, let alone record it for future savoring. Time lost is never found again. But with photos, it’ll be easier to recall those treasures of times.


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Family Photography Session

The Request

Death Row  Family Photography Session DeathRow1A client has a well-loved shot of a favourite band, Death Row (right), and asked if I could model a picture of him and his children after that photo. Never one to turn down a challenge, I naturally agreed to make that shot work for him.
I had to take individual shots of my client and each of his children in the many poses by the different band members. The children were all excited by the project, so were totally cooperative in striking the many postures required. After that, it was like playing jigsaw puzzles, as I pieced together the best takes. And here’s the result.

Death Row Album Impersonation  Family Photography Session DeathRow


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Cycling weekend in Bintan

Went to Bintan over the weekend with the wife, kids and some friends. It was a good trip – some exercise (we cycled to the kelong where we stayed), lotsa sun, sand and scrumptious seafood, and some fireworks.
What’s nice about such short breaks is the chance to rest and relax, and recharge. While my ever-conscientious daughter did lug along some homework, the drill was done against a background of sea waves lapping on the beach, with the occasional call of the random bird scanning the area for food, before it plunge-dive into the sea for a fish. My son, meanwhile, learned to play pool, among many other lessons from the uncles and aunties; picked shells, teased the cats and cycled on the kelong boards.

Here  is a stop motion video created with 2,050 photographs of the three days we spent in Bintan


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