Paul Branson (Family Session)

Paul Branson (Family Session) Paul Branson1

I’ll start by saying thank you again for a wonderful photoshoot – one of the highlights of my wife’s 40th birthday celebration which we spent in Singapore that is also our first holiday as a family.

In fact, you had managed to put us at ease even before we met as you had shown your flexibility and readiness to be as accommodating as possible when there had been some difficulty with arranging the transfer of the deposit. In these increasingly mistrustful times I certainly appreciated your trust and flexibility.

When you first turned up at our hotel door, we were surprised to see quite how much equipment you’d brought with you. In fact, I thought the Hotel reception had maybe got confused (more…)

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Darene Wong (Baby Session)

Darene - Newborn Phtography  Darene Wong (Baby Session) DareneWith the impending arrival of our little prince, we scoured the internet for ages for a photographer to capture our little one’s precious moments. It was a nightmare searching for the right person who’s able to do our baby photography at home, accommodate our requirements and still be professional at the same time. We’ve tried other photographers with disappointing results.

JJ is one of the best photographers we’ve ever encountered.  As first time parents, we are pretty clueless on how to get our little one in front of the camera but JJ guided us through it and made us feel  at ease. He has tons of idea and tricks to get the baby to respond which is pretty amazing as we’ve tried taking pictures on our own but failed miserably.


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Anjum (Newborn Photography)

Newborn Photography newborn photography Anjum (Newborn Photography) anjum e1431845341376“We had a wonderful experience working with JJ for our new born baby’s photo shoot. Two things stand out for me in the whole experience.

First, JJ is a thorough professional. To start with, JJ’s studio quality photo gear converted our living room into a mini studio in 45 minutes. All shots were fantastic (in fact
we had difficulty selecting the best ones). JJ’s work ethic and style clearly stood out for me. He is one of the very few photographers who shared the soft copies of ‘all’ the pictures from the photo shoot with us (for no extra charge).

Secondly, JJ clearly loves what he does.This reflects in the quality and commitment of his work. (more…)

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Candice (Maternity Photo Shoot)

maternity photo shoot maternity photo shoot Candice (Maternity Photo Shoot) CandicI had a bad experience with my wedding photographer, leading to my misguided impression that photographers work only with their DSLR camera. I was hesitant to engage a photographer for a pregnancy photo shoot, but since I did not have one with my first child, I decided to have a maternity photo shoot for this second pregnancy.

So I checked out a few companies. Most do not return the soft copies or charge you an arm and a leg for them while others did not even respond to my queries about purchasing additional photos. Then I saw JJ’s website. What drew my attention was that he returns clients all their soft copies of their photo session so I decided to email him. He responded pretty fast, calling back personally and explaining that everything will take place at the convenience of my home. He also answered all my enquiries patiently.

On the actual day itself, we scheduled our photo shoot at 4 pm. I was late, but he waited patiently at my doorstep. (more…)

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Aichi Chong (Family Photography Session)

Family Photography  Aichi Chong  (Family Photography Session) 222 e1431846051244

The most attractive factor that got us to engage JJ’s photography services was his home photography service. With a family of 3 generations (16 adults and kids), convenience was a BIG plus.

The entire photography session was simply FUN. JJ blended competence and professionalism with humour. He made us laugh throughout the photo shoot ; even the kids found him rather amusing. We especially enjoyed his tactic in using lighthearted mockery to make us smile more naturally! 🙂

One of the highlights of the evening was when JJ brought out his props of hats and fun spectacles. (more…)

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Jiewen (Maternity & Newborn Session)

Jiewen (Maternity & Newborn Session) Jake e14318462725917 months preggy, first-time mummy, I had been taking a number of selfies that featured my growing bump until one day, it dawned on me that I might as well have a maternity shoot!

So I started searching online, and JJ’s website stood out for its clarity on the packages available, as well as the fact that I could get all the soft copies of the photos! And of course, the possibility of having the shoot done in the comfort of our new home was a plus. (more…)

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Jacqueline (Newborn Session)

Jacqueline Newborn Photography  newborn Jacqueline (Newborn Session) JacquelineWe engaged JJ for our newborn photography and had a most enjoyable experience with him. He brought in a load of equipment and props, turning our tiny apartment into a professional looking studio. Our newborn was not in the most cooperative mood, but JJ who is something of a baby whisperer, managed to settle the baby and caught some brilliant shots of him. He was extremely patient, even allowing time for half hour feeds in between, so much so that we didn’t feel rushed at all. (more…)

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Peter Leong (Baby Session)

baby photography Peter Leong (Baby Session) Peter 1 e1431847741984We had a Baby Photography Session with JJ and it was a wonderful experience. He is a very friendly and knowledgeable guy and the best part, he is willing to share his photography knowledge.

Being a leisure photographer myself, I was amazed when JJ took time to explain to me how to take better photos and shared his experience. I actually changed my photography technique after my time with him. He also recommended some very useful photography tools to help improve my skills.


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Stephen (Maternity & Newborn Session)

Maternity Photography maternity Stephen (Maternity & Newborn Session) Steven e1431848860211My wife and I were looking for ways to capture the magic of the moments before the arrival of our first child. This seemed almost impossible given the logistics and anxiety around the birth, until we found JJ Photography.

JJ offered flexible timing and the convenience of a professional studio brought to our apartment.
The familiar surroundings made the maternity photo shoot more natural, restful and beautiful. JJ also took lifestyle shots of us around our home, thereby capturing poignant moments that we would have forgotten amidst the rush of early parenthood.

JJ is a very warm and engaging person, and was extremely generous with his knowledge and time during the shoot. (more…)

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John (Newborn Session)

Newborn Photography newborn John (Newborn Session) JP e1431848888670My wife and I engaged JJ for a photo shoot when our daughter was born. I was apprehensive at first when I was broached the idea. I was concerned about the timing, the place, and someone handling our first child. I didn’t even know what newborn photography really was! Eventually I agreed to the shoot after a discussion with JJ, and we had an extraordinary experience.

JJ has excellent photography skills, and is a natural with babies – he is totally at home in handling our infant. I quickly realized, as I watched him in action, that not everyone is blessed with the abilities he has. Ten minutes in, I knew we had a great photographer present. Throughout the shoot JJ was patient, confident, and likeable all at the same time.

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Vicki (Newborn Session)

Newborn Photography newborn Vicki  (Newborn Session) Vicki Col2As first-time parents, there are many things to figure out in the first few weeks at home – it’s a stressful time. The last thing you want is to be dealing with extra logistics and difficult contractors. JJ was fantastic in this regard – very easygoing, patient and flexible. We simply named a few convenient times for him to come to the house (no need to cart the family to a studio!), and he made it work.

JJ was extremely generous with his knowledge and time, talking us through how the process works, and offering photo tips for us to use after he packed up his gear.


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Peter (Maternity & Newborn Session)

maternity Peter (Maternity & Newborn Session) Peter e1431849024298Phyllis and I are first-time parents, and so the arrival of Phoebe was hectic to say the least. WE wanted to capture some moments from the first few weeks, but we weren’t too keen on going to a studio for a photo shoot. This is what sets JJ Photography apart, and why we were so happy with the shoot and with the beautiful photos of our family and of little Phoebe.  JJ understood how the shoot would have to revolve around Phoebe’s feeding times, so he was very flexible. He quickly transformed our living room into a living studio and it was fun and relaxing as we waited for Phoebe to get a little sleepy so that she would be more ‘pliable’ for the photos. Phoebe was a little star to say the least, and JJ kept us all laughing with his warm sense of humour.


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Erin (Maternity & Newborn Session)

Maternity Phtography maternity Erin (Maternity & Newborn Session) Erin e1431849094195Pregnancy, for us, was a whole host of new and funny experiences. We wanted a photographer to help us capture not only the beauty of it all, but also to help us lighten the mood and find amusement in it. When we briefed JJ on our sometimes outlandish needs, he ensured we got everything we wanted – including both serenity and humour. He laughed through the session with us and showed the utmost professionalism and courtesy. His expertise was obvious from the moment he turned up and we are thrilled with the resulting shots.


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