Cycling weekend in Bintan

Went to Bintan over the weekend with the wife, kids and some friends. It was a good trip – some exercise (we cycled to the kelong where we stayed), lotsa sun, sand and scrumptious seafood, and some fireworks.
What’s nice about such short breaks is the chance to rest and relax, and recharge. While my ever-conscientious daughter did lug along some homework, the drill was done against a background of sea waves lapping on the beach, with the occasional call of the random bird scanning the area for food, before it plunge-dive into the sea for a fish. My son, meanwhile, learned to play pool, among many other lessons from the uncles and aunties; picked shells, teased the cats and cycled on the kelong boards.

Here  is a stop motion video created with 2,050 photographs of the three days we spent in Bintan


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