Rebecca & Matthias Koch (Newborn Photography)

Our second son was born in May, and for such a special occasion we needed a special newborn photographer. We already had several photo sessions and hence high expectations. JJ was recommended to us, and […]

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Michelle and Jeremy (Newborn Photography)

We chose JJ Photography because of the simple yet beautiful feel of the photography. It was also a plus that he does the shoot in our own home complete with professional studio setup which he […]

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Jessica and Cyprian (Newborn Photography)

We found JJ by chance and feel so lucky that we did! We initially chose him because of his quick response time and artistic photography style. He not only was quick to answer and allocate […]

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Wan Jing & Sam (Newborn Photography)

We initially made the decision to engage JJ for the newborn photography session because he was responsive, and we do not regret making that decision.  He is nothing short of a baby whisperer. He was […]

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Charlotte Wong (Newborn Photography)

  Finally got down to write this much delayed review. Contacted JJ for my newborn daughter photoshoot. He was very responsive and immediately we managed to arrange a date.  He was very patient and friendly […]

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Sandra Goh (Newborn Photography)

Why did I choose JJ photography for my Newborn Photography session? Firstly, I sent out about 10 inquiries on Newborn photography package and JJ was the only one who bothered to call and explain his […]

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Paul Branson (Family Session)

I’ll start by saying thank you again for a wonderful photoshoot – one of the highlights of my wife’s 40th birthday celebration which we spent in Singapore that is also our first holiday as a […]

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Darene Wong (Baby Session)

With the impending arrival of our little prince, we scoured the internet for ages for a photographer to capture our little one’s precious moments. It was a nightmare searching for the right person who’s able […]

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Anjum (Newborn Photography)

“We had a wonderful experience working with JJ for our new born baby’s photo shoot. Two things stand out for me in the whole experience. First, JJ is a thorough professional. To start with, JJ’s […]

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Candice (Maternity Photo Shoot)

I had a bad experience with my wedding photographer, leading to my misguided impression that photographers work only with their DSLR camera. I was hesitant to engage a photographer for a pregnancy photo shoot, but […]

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Reflections on Novena Church

A large part of my growing up years was spent at Novena Church, (officially known as Church of St Alphonsus), that iconic church at Thomson Road. I started making weekly visits when I was 7, […]

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The Loss of a Good Friend

  We have just lost a good friend. Simon Farmer swept into our lives years ago one Sunday morning at Novena Church. We were late, as usual, and were scurrying to our customary spot on […]

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Aichi Chong (Family Photography Session)

The most attractive factor that got us to engage JJ’s photography services was his home photography service. With a family of 3 generations (16 adults and kids), convenience was a BIG plus. The entire photography […]

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Costing a Maternity Photography Session

It’s Not As Expensive As You Might Think Many people associate professional photography with costing an arm and a leg, but it isn’t the case. Most photographers these days have many options, or packages, which enable […]

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Jiewen (Maternity & Newborn Session)

7 months preggy, first-time mummy, I had been taking a number of selfies that featured my growing bump until one day, it dawned on me that I might as well have a maternity shoot! So I […]

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Treasuring and Protecting your Photos

All of you who love taking pictures, you should check this out.. It’s a Tedx talk from a photographer Kevin Gilbert and I promise you it’ll be worth your time. It’s about protecting your photographic […]

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Jacqueline (Newborn Session)

We engaged JJ for our newborn photography and had a most enjoyable experience with him. He brought in a load of equipment and props, turning our tiny apartment into a professional looking studio. Our newborn […]

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Arranging that Maternity Photography Session

Now that you’ve decided to go ahead with a maternity photography, when would be a good time to book your session? Naturally, you would save it for the last trimester when your baby bump is really showing. So, the 7th or 8th month. 8th if this is your first pregnancy, and 7th upwards if this is your second child onwards.

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That Maternity Shoot

To take or not to take. Pregnancy photos are all the rage these days, judging by the growing number of photography studios offering maternity shoots. You may, however, be self-conscious and embarrassed by how big […]

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Peter Leong (Baby Session)

We had a Baby Photography Session with JJ and it was a wonderful experience. He is a very friendly and knowledgeable guy and the best part, he is willing to share his photography knowledge. Being […]

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Take lots of photos !!!!

  Take Photos. Just snap away. You’d want to be trigger happy with your camera, to snap those precious moments in your life. Of yourself. As a couple. With family and friends. As you await […]

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Ding Liqun (Maternity & Newborn Session)

My husband and I had a wonderful experience during both maternity and newborn photo sessions. JJ was patient, creative, professional and gave us exactly what we wanted. We were surprised at how great the photos […]

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Family Photography Session

The Request A client has a well-loved shot of a favourite band, Death Row (right), and asked if I could model a picture of him and his children after that photo. Never one to turn down […]

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Photographing Twins

Had a wonderful session with a pair of twins. Incredibly, both boys were very cooperative and the whole session went very smoothly. When one was awake, the other went to sleep and vice versa. Mommy […]

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Stephen (Maternity & Newborn Session)

My wife and I were looking for ways to capture the magic of the moments before the arrival of our first child. This seemed almost impossible given the logistics and anxiety around the birth, until […]

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John (Newborn Session)

My wife and I engaged JJ for a photo shoot when our daughter was born. I was apprehensive at first when I was broached the idea. I was concerned about the timing, the place, and […]

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Vicki (Newborn Session)

As first-time parents, there are many things to figure out in the first few weeks at home – it’s a stressful time. The last thing you want is to be dealing with extra logistics and […]

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Peter (Maternity & Newborn Session)

Phyllis and I are first-time parents, and so the arrival of Phoebe was hectic to say the least. WE wanted to capture some moments from the first few weeks, but we weren’t too keen on […]

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Erin (Maternity & Newborn Session)

Pregnancy, for us, was a whole host of new and funny experiences. We wanted a photographer to help us capture not only the beauty of it all, but also to help us lighten the mood […]

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Cycling weekend in Bintan

Went to Bintan over the weekend with the wife, kids and some friends. It was a good trip – some exercise (we cycled to the kelong where we stayed), lotsa sun, sand and scrumptious seafood, […]

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