Take lots of photos !!!!


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Take Photos. Just snap away. You’d want to be trigger happy with your camera, to snap those precious moments in your life. Of yourself. As a couple. With family and friends. As you await the arrival of your child, in all your maternity glow. As that child grows. Just capturing those snippets of time, cos how much can one remember, without aids like photos and keepsakes.

All too often, we are so caught up with our daily lives, madly scrambling to do what we feel we need to do each day, we fail to take time to enjoy the moment, let alone record it for future savoring. Time lost is never found again. But with photos, it’ll be easier to recall those treasures of times.

Furthermore, with readily-at-hand smart phones and tablets equipped with camera functions, there is really no excuse not to snap away.

Firstborns tend to be luckier as more photos are snapped of them. All that excitement of having your own child for the very first time, you just want to do everything, and record anything. Then we get distracted with the many activities of daily living, school, work, those pesky chores. So much so when number 2 comes, photographs are usually the last thing on our minds. That was what happened with my wife and me at any rate. Our second child had a whole lot less photos and videos taken. By the time this realization dawned on us, the years had slipped by and we could never recapture them. So, we try to make up for it now.  Still, it is not the same.

So, when I urge you to take those photos, I’m not speaking as just a photographer, but as a family man. Picture records are important, both for yourself, as well as your children. Childhood is fleeting. The events of which happen only once. Once past, no part of it can be recreated. A lost moment is lost forever. And let’s face it. We grow old and our memories fail. As for our children, they were too young to know.

Take these as bonding moments. It is always a delight to look through photo albums (if that’s how you store your photos), scrapbooks and such like, telling tales, swapping stories and refreshing memories of the love you share for your family.

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