Arranging that Maternity Photography Session

Now that you’ve decided to go ahead with a maternity photography, when would be a good time to book your session? Naturally, you would save it for the last trimester when your baby bump is really showing. So, the 7th or 8th month. 8th if this is your first pregnancy, and 7th upwards if this is your second child onwards.

maternity photography Arranging that Maternity Photography Session Maternity e1431846786869Which photographer or studio to choose? There are so many out there. How to choose? Homework is important clearly. Most people do a search on the internet. Some rely on word-of-mouth from family and friends. Then there are advertisements and write-ups in magazines and newspapers. Find one you are comfortable with, who suit your personality and style, and can have a great time with. When you’re having fun, you’ll be less self-conscious and your joy and happiness will shine through.
Apart from picking your maternity photographer, you might also want to give some thought to the kind of shots you want. If you see something you like on a website or magazine article for instance, save them to show your photographer. Better still, show them to him beforehand so he can prepare with the necessary props. It will also give him an idea of the kind of shots that will appeal to you, and he can plan for them.

An experienced maternity photographer will be great at directing you and suggesting ideas, so don’t be too caught up if you’d rather go with the photographer’s flow. Remember, you’re the client. It’s your shoot. It’s your call. And most important of all, make sure you have fun during the session.



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