Sandra Goh (Newborn Photography)

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Sandra Goh, Newborn Photography

Why did I choose JJ photography for my Newborn Photography session?
Firstly, I sent out about 10 inquiries on Newborn photography package and JJ was the only one who bothered to call and explain his pricing and packages to me after sending me his package information. Secondly, after comparing the packages from various studios, we chose JJ as his prices were the most transparent. No nasty surprises of add-ons, no last minute top-ups. We had done many photo sessions before and always hated the part where we were told to add or top up for all our raw pictures. Thirdly, JJ was very kind to accommodate my last minute (2 days’ notice) photography session.  Most other studios need 1-2 weeks/months of advance booking.  

Throughout the photo session, my baby girl was extremely fussy and my toddler boy was running all over the place, yet JJ was patient and very professional. The shoot took longer than usual but JJ did not rush us through the session.

His specialty – black/white pictures turned out very well even before the editing. Can’t wait to see the finished products!

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