Aichi Chong (Family Photography Session)

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Aichi Chong, Family Photography Session

The most attractive factor that got us to engage JJ’s photography services was his home photography service. With a family of 3 generations (16 adults and kids), convenience was a BIG plus.

The entire photography session was simply FUN. JJ blended competence and professionalism with humour. He made us laugh throughout the photo shoot ; even the kids found him rather amusing. We especially enjoyed his tactic in using lighthearted mockery to make us smile more naturally! 🙂

One of the highlights of the evening was when JJ brought out his props of hats and fun spectacles. Both kids and adults alike (even the grandparents!!) had great fun posing with them. All these were a far cry from the traditional photo shoots we’ve had before, making the entire experience so much more personal and meaningful.

JJ made every extra effort to accede to our requests. He patiently waited for the different nuclear families to change and pose. The attractive pricing of the entire package was also a big draw. We were delighted with the photos he took and only wish we could have all of them printed out!!

Thank you, JJ, for creating these very precious memories for us.

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